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Project Inquiry

We would love to discuss your project with you! We know that your time is valuable so to ensure that we are as thorough as possible, please fill out this Project Inquiry form to the best of your ability.

Once complete and submitted, you will be directed to a calendar where you may opt for and schedule a follow-up phone consultation. We will respond to your inquiry via email if no phone consultation is booked.

We look forward to working with you!

Project Inquiry Form

Construction Planning
Answer these following points to the best of your knowledge. If you are unsure, we can discuss many of these at a later time.

Exterior wall materials
Roofing Materials

Our process, timelines, and pricing are all heavily dependent on the level of detail needed and time spent particularly in the design. Each project is allotted a certain number of hours for the design phase.

Design heavy projects, though the price per square foot may be h
igh, will grant you more hours of our time to perfect the design of the home.

Click the "Levels" tabs above for descriptions of each.

Do you have any files to share? Floor plans, sketches, elevations pictures, etc. Send them via email to

Would you like a followup phone consulation?

Prefer email communication?

Please ensure that all required fields have been filled out!

Your content has been submitted! We will contact you soon.

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